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Writing a review is not me but to be honest I want to appreciate and let people know where electric cars can be purchased with hassle free the best service as well as car (for me service comes first). I cannot find the word to express the way they deal with me in the purchase of 2021 Tesla is totally different I mean it was the best I have seen so far. Starting from GM Raphy, Max, Robert and Eric all of these people are great. I work for dealership and I haven't seen so many dealership around that treats every client with proper service. Very helpful.

Naya T

2 weeks ago

I had the absolute BEST experience at this dealer. My mother and I were shopping for a Tesla Model Y, and coming from gas powered vehicles, we knew basically nothing about electric cars. Shift helped us start at square one, and walked us through the product from start to finish. They made sure that every question we could possibly have was answered, and the service didn't stop after we purchased the car. They maintained the same high standard even after we took delivery of the car. I would not hesitate to recommend this dealership.

alenka k

4 weeks ago

By far the Best Car purchasing experience my Dad and I have ever had! From the very beginning; selecting a vehicle, features demo, striking a deal, we were very professionally and nicely taken care of. Robert & Eric took good care of us. All-in-all, it was an absolute pleasure! Looking forward to getting our next from Shift.

George Antoney

a month ago

If you're looking for an Electric Vehicle, do yourself a favour and go to SHIFT. Hands down the most enjoyable car purchasing experience in my life! Max answered all my questions and Eric did a fantastic job with the paperwork and the delivery. The entire team was so helpful and accommodating... they truly go above and beyond! Thanks SHIFT! I'll be back for a Model Y sooner than later ;)

Paul Maurice

3 months ago

I’ve been wishing, dreaming and saving for a Model S for years. Finally I found myself in a position to purchase one. Thankfully I found a dealership that lives up to the brand. Every step of the process was handled with class and professionalism. A very fair price without the “used car barter game” (which I despise). Robert was extremely knowledgeable of the brand and the available features and helped me navigate the inventory to find the right fit. I sent the deposit and Eric walked me through the rest of the process. I know it’s different than a new purchase experience but this dealership made it feel like an event during pickup. Eric is obviously a very detail oriented person, evident by how he presented the Tesla key fob on the desk and had every paper for signature perfectly aligned to the degree with the pen. The information session had flavour of a formal presentation or ceremony. This attention to detail helped alleviate any post purchase distress. I drove home an expert on the car and the smile hasn’t faded yet. If you are on the fence about a Tesla....let me attest the grass IS greener on the other side and the team at Shift motors will help you there.

Cory Macey

4 months ago

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